Hertzian Explorer


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Make Magazine Announcement
San Diego Union-Tribune article (whoops, they spelled my last name wrong, should be Li not Lee)

dorkbot socal 37
Me demoing face warping visualization at Dorkbot SoCal (Event 37)
Photograph by Thomas Edwards.

Immersive Wall Projection Visuals
(See Installation Diagram)

Face Distortion
Projection 1: (Face Distortion Video Feed)

Real time distortion of the participant's face via infrared camera, face detection and motion detection.
The more intense the radiation, the more distorted and chaotic the video feed. When radiation passes a threshold, the viewer's face is rendered with a skull image, denoting potentially hazardous levels of radio frequency radiation exposure. These visuals are projected on the front wall.

conway setup
Projection 2: (On Floor)

Generative cellular automata simulation based on Conway's Game of Life that reacts to
electromagnetic radiation. Rule sets change based on the magnitude of EM fields, creating
different environments and cell behavior. This is projected on the installation floor space to create an slowly changing ambient environment.

floor setup Projection 3: (On Side Wall)

Visuals of hertzian space disturbances and "hotspots" projected on the installation side wall. Changes in electromagnetic field intensity are reflected through the emergence of globular hotspots that quickly spread and influence the color and shape of nearby zones, creating a constantly changing colorscape. Like a radarscope, the visualization updates itself in a circular fashion with new hotspots emerging around a spinning sweep indicator (a randomly color changing "organism" comprised of a large ellipse with a trail of smaller ellipses). The speed and direction of the sweep changes based on radiation levels to reflect the dynamism of hertzian space.

When there is no detected radiation, the indicator moves slowly in anticlockwise fashion.
When the indicator starts to move clockwise it means that a burst of radiation has been detected. At this moment and from the position of the indicator, there is also an explosion of expanding transparent ellipses and a string of ellipses moving on a curved path. If there is constant radiation, the clockwise rotating indicator will continue to produces these explosive elements. As radiation levels increase, the sweep indicator will rotate faster, making the explosion of expanding ellipses appear further away from the indicator and towards the edge of the 2D colorscape. The overall effect is a more agitated and dynamic visualization of an active space.

floor setup